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Pristine Laser Teeth Whitening


Cody Lynn is a trained and certified Teeth Whitening Specialist. Pristine bleaching solution is dental grade, all natural, plant-based, and FDA approved. A combination of this strong gel, heat, and light is used to speed up and intensify the whitening process, providing wonderful and immediate results.


Teeth whitening is for men and women of all ages, looking to remove stains caused from aging, food/beverages, tobacco, etc.


A client's teeth can get 5-20 shades brighter in a 1 hour session (3 back-to-back whitening rounds will take place). It can takes 25-30 times longer to achieve these results with at-home whitening strips or traditional dental gel trays. This process successfully removes stains caused from aging, food/beverages, tobacco, etc.


This process can remove stains from dental implants and veneers and can restore them back to the color they were when first implanted, but not any whiter than their original color.


This process is highly recommended before and after getting braces, but cannot be performed during. It is still possible while wearing a permanent retainer.


14 is the minimum age required to receive this service because the enamel is not fully developed until around the age of 14.


Your results will typically last up to a year, depending on your dental hygiene and lifestyle/dietary habits. Whitening is recommended every 6-12 months to maintain maximum results, combined with the use of Pristine Whitening Toothpaste on a regular basis to help decrease staining.


Tooth sensitivity is easily the most common side effect of whitening. The more you hydrate, the less sensitive they will be. Sensitivity can sometimes last up to 24 hours. It can be treated with Ibuprofen or Tylenol and lots of room temperature water to hydrate. Other very temporary side effects may include enamel mottling (white specks on the teeth), and sore or lightened gums.


•Do NOT brush your teeth within 5 hours of your appointment. If you do brush your teeth the morning of, you may be more prone to sensitivity. (You can floss, use mouthwash, and chew gum.)

•EAT BEFORE you come because you can’t eat for about 2 hours after it’s completed.

•HYDRATE!! The more WATER you drink before and after your appointment, the better.

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