The Li-FT saline removal process safely removes unwanted pigment or ink from the face and other small areas on the body. The Li-FT solution is all natural and contains no chemicals or acids. It is composed of high content salt water and fruit extracts.


How the process works:

Numbing cream is applied to the treated area. A cosmetic tattoo machine is used to gently deposit the solution into the skin where the unwanted ink/pigment exists. Using the theory of osmosis, the solution breaks up the tattoo molecules and brings the ink/pigment up to the surface and out of the skin.


Typically 2-5 session are recommended to achieve the best results, however each case is different and results will vary. 

You may not receive this treatment while pregnant or nursing.

This method of lightening/removal is not suited for tattoos larger than a deck of cards.

A minimum of 8 weeks between sessions is required for proper healing.

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